Step 1: Select Account

To share prototypes you need to link with your Dropbox or Slack account. Select which service you want to use (you can change this later).

With Dropbox you can choose the Dropbox users that you share your prototypes with.


With Slack you share prototypes with everyone on a channel.


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Checkout this video how to get started with SketchMyApp.

Dropbox Sharing

To share prototypes with Dropbox, place them in a folder and share the folder.

Email Sharing

It's also possible to share prototypes by email (and other tools) by sending the .sketchmyapp file to someone and them uploading it to their Dropbox or Slack account.

Slack Permissions

To share prototypes on Slack we need the following permissions

  • Download prototypes from Slack to device
  • Search new prototypes from your channels
  • Lookup the channels you are a member of
  • Upload prototypes from Photoshop to Slack

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