Create, prototype and share your app design without leaving Photoshop

Automatic Real Time Prototyping

SketchMyApp will automatically create a prototype from your PSD in real time. Just add animations and interactions and you're iterating ideas in seconds.

Everything in Photoshop

Automatic Updates

Any change in your PSD gets automatically updated in real time, no more exporting and uploading PNGs. Just design and we'll create the prototype!

Everything in Photoshop

Intelligent Artboards

Your artboards will be the prototype pages and will even automatically scale to the screen size! No need to fix a resolution, you can just design and let the content rule.

Everything in Photoshop

Animations and Interactions

Any element can be individually animated to create contextual microinteractions and page transitions. Build custom sequences from basic transitions (e.g. moves and fades) or advanced effects (e.g. blurs and saturation changes).

Everything in Photoshop

Built-in GIF recording

Interactions are meant to be shared and it's just two clicks to record an animated GIF for sharing and feedback.

Get Feedback

The value of prototyping is the rapid validation of ideas and key to this is sharing them and receiving feedback. With SketchMyApp you can easily share your prototypes with everyone using Dropbox or Slack instead of creating design documents!

Realistic Prototyping

When testing your design ideas, it's not enough to test static pages with default animations. To understand the user experience you need realistic prototypes with contextual transitions and microinteractions.


Free For Personal Use!

SketchMyApp will always be free for personal use with unlimited real time iterations on your desktop and one test device. If you want to share prototypes or unlimited test devices, upgrade to Pro from $14 a month.

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