Smart Content

How to create complex content with advanced features


By default all content in one Photoshop group will be merged and it becomes a bitmap in your prototype. In addition to this there are custom content types with advanced features that can be created by naming the group in format "Type:Name". These content types have specific features, configuration and rules, but otherwise they behave like normal groups in Photoshop.

Content Types

Currently the following types of Smart Content are supported:

  • Animation: Frame animations for more complex interactions
  • ContentPage: Animated page for comic like graphical content
  • Gallery: Infinitely scrolling list of the child elements
  • Layout: Custom scene layout for creating shared elements tab bars
  • Music: MP3-background audio
  • Parallax: Interactive pseudo-3D scene with explorable content
  • Particle: Particle effects for creating effects and dynamic scenes
  • Product: Addon product element that might require a purchase or install to unlock
  • Sidemenu: Interactive sidemenu
  • Sound: WAV-audio effects that can play in parallel
  • Webview: Browser-component to embed web content