How to create prototypes inside Photoshop using SketchMyApp

SketchMyApp is a Photoshop extension that will automatically create a prototype from your PSD in real time. Your artboards will be the prototype pages, you just add animations and interactions!

SketchMyApp consists of three components

  • Photoshop Plugin: Configure your prototype and create transitions
  • Desktop App: Real time preview of your prototype
  • Device App: Download prototypes for hands on testing and feedback

Photoshop Plugin

The SketchMyApp Photoshop plugin (get it) is a new Photoshop panel from Adobe Addons that allows you to add interaction to Photoshop documents and create prototypes.


In the Prototype-section you can select what documents are included in the prototype, share your prototype on Slack or Dropbox and record a GIF-animation of your prototype interactions.


Every screen element can be configured how it should be scaled and what happens when tapped using properties:

  • Scaling Mode: How the elements should be scaled on different screen sizes (see Intelligent Scaling)
  • Action when tapped: What should happen when user taps the component (see Actions And Events)
  • Is scrollable: Only applies to groups without content, but if defined makes group scrollable by swiping within the parent boundaries.

In addition Smart Content can content specific properties to control the features.


You can also create custom animation sequences for each element that trigger either at specific events like a page change or when user taps the object or when manually configured. For more information, please see Guide: Transitions.


You can also import and export transitions using the preset library to easily reuse common transitions.


From the Settings-menu you can link to a different cloud account, open the tutorial and find links for the desktop & device apps, guides and support.


Desktop App

The SketchMyApp Designer desktop app (get it) is an app for macOS and Windows that automatically connects with Photoshop and shows a real time preview your prototype. Any changes in the PSD is automatically synced enabling you to iterate ideas in just seconds!

Desktop App

Device App

The SketchMyApp Prototypes mobile app (get it) is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to download prototypes on device to test them hands on and share with collegues and customers and users for hands on testing and feedback.